Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning
(Cleaning all kinds of Heat Exchangers)

Recognising the need for faster, safer and more effective cleaning techniques, WPD has achieved the following Success within Record Time and continues to constantly challenge the way heat transfer equipment is cleaned –  Nigeria and rest of the world.
Which include:-

  • Cleaning of refinery flare lines
  • Cleaning oil rig drill pipes In-Situ and Dry
  • ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) fin fan unit cleaned
  • In-situ cleaning Waste Heat Recovery Units on oil rigs
  • crude exchanger tube cleaning techniques
  • cleaning of furnace convection/radiant tube sections (Fin Side)
  • cleaning of ACC Fin Fan condensers (Tube and Fin Side)
  • Drilling around U bend heat exchangers

In addition to saving time, WPD innovative cleaning techniques also help you save money and reduce CO² emissions:-.
Millions of Dollars are saved annually on Nigerian LNG plant following WPD cleaning interventions.
U Tube (Hairpin) exchanger cleaning saves client hundred of thousand of US Dollars re-tubing expense.
Power station reports massive CO² emission reduction following WPD cleaning process, helping them meet their agreed Kyoto reduction target.
At WPD we are always looking for new and better ways to clean heat transfer equipment WPD  is currently researching and developing:-

  • Robotic cleaning  technology 
  • In-Situ cleaning of Floating Head Heat Exchangers

With technologies available to WPD we guarantee to deliver a better service and a more cost effective solution.
At WPD we are specialist industrial cleaning  For all cleaning enquiries please contact us.
View a gallery of our Tube cleaning process


Tank & Vessel Cleaning
(Automated Tank & Vessel Cleaning System)

WPD’s (NCS / Blabo Oreco) tank cleaning and vessel cleaning specialists are able to enter tanks and vessels, provide remote tanks cleaning or provide a non man entry tank cleaning system and understand the benefits of each tank cleaning method. Your tank cleaning will be to a professional standard within a short time frame anywhere in the world.
Tank and vessel cleaning is not just about getting the tank or vessel clean. The speed of the operation and the safety of the methods employed have a direct bearing on the true cost and value of the service.
With new and ever changing storage regulations being implemented thorough tank cleaning is essential. Following a detailed inspection WPD Nig Ltd will be able to provide you with a tank cleaning service that will not only meet but often exceed your cleaning expectations.
Tank and vessel cleaning are potentially hazardous tasks. Personnel entering confined spaces face exposure to toxic chemicals and volatile atmospheres. The health and safety of the public, our client, and our personnel is extremely important to WPD Nig Ltd. Integral to our tank cleaning service is the inclusion of health and safety plans, training programmes, site evaluations, exposure monitoring, and medical monitoring.
Wherever the tank or vessel and whatever the tank has contained WPD will have a cleaning system to ensure it is cleaned to the highest of standards. WPD personnel, in addition to their confined spaces certificates, also hold qualifications in working at heights and carry  Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS) resuscitation equipment.
View a gallery of our Tank cleaning process

Pipeline Cleaning

WPD s pipeline cleaning systems and techniques provide a high level of cleanliness leading to increased flows, improved productivity and reduced fouling.
WPD challenge traditional pipe cleaning methods and instead utilise wireless technology cleaning system including:-
  • Wireless high pressure water jetting
  • Wireless super high pressure water jetting
  • Bespoke pigging solutions
  • Low or zero waste blasting technologies
  • Innovative bio-degradable chemicals

WPD can clean any diameter and any length of pipeline whatever the deposit with a vast range of our unique cleaning systems.
For all pipeline cleaning enquiries please contact us.
View a gallery of our Pipeline cleaning process


Waste Management

Treatment & Disposal of Drilling Cuttings
Treatment & Disposal of Drilling Mud (Oil & Water Base)
Remediation (Bio-Remediation, Chemical Oxidation & Phyto-Remediation,) Spills & Leakages, Sediment, Contaminated Soil, etc
Solid Waste (Waste-to Energy)
Recycling & Reuse.
Environment Impact Assessment Studies.
Environment Evaluation Reports EER.
Environment Audit Reports EAR.
Community Environmental Awareness Programs