• January 2009
  • HP Jetting on Cooling Water Condenser Tubes, Heat Exchangers and Pipelines for Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited, Nigeria.

  • Though Seemingly Impossible, WPD Nig. Ltd. was able to deliver to the NLNG inspection team, one totally cleaned tube per day, during our Jan 2009 cleaning operations, at the NLNG Bonny Island plant. Benefits WPD Nigeria Ltd. completed the cleaning and integrity inspection three times faster than the nearest competing estimate, saving millions of dollars in profits that would otherwise have been lost through extended downtime.

    (NLNG is a Nigerian Joint Venture company whose shareholders are National Petroleum Corporation, Shell Total Final Elf and Agip).

  • June 2008
  • The modern world has lost its connection with Earth, says WPD MD, Temiyemi Ogunwolu.

  • "The modern world has lost much of its connection with the earth. It is as serious as shoppers losing sight of their bank balance. For consumers of the earth’s resources there is no check on our profligacy; we are so removed from the consequences of our actions that we live comfortably in denial, ignoring predictions of a likely impending environmental crisis of epic proportions."

    Read the rest of the MD’s remarks here