Managing Director/CEO’s Remarks

One of the major problems and pressures on the Planet, that is seldomly talked about, is the way, many of the Earth’s environmental crises, reinforce one another.
Pollution and Environmental Degradation are obvious examples - we do not have the option of growing food, or finding enough water, on a squeaky-clean planet, but on one, increasingly tarnished and trashed, by the way we have used it so far.

Cutting waste and clearing up pollution costs money. Yet time and again, it is the quest for wealth that generates much of the mess in the first place.

Living in a way that is less damaging to the Earth is not easy, but it is vital, because pollution is pervasive and often life-threatening”
It is in the light of these frightening facts, that WASTE, PIPES & DRAINAGES NIG. LTD. (WPD) was fashioned out, as a bridge, or line, to channel a lasting solution to a prolonged environmental crisis, in and around the world.  
Our journey thus, has not been without storms and hurdles. However, with pride and utmost confidence, we announce to our numerous (and intended) clientele, that our three arms of esteemed and professional service; *Waste Management *Pipe & Pipeline Services *Drainage Works are now fully functional and also are result oriented, with references and proven records of breakthrough.

The modern world has lost much of its connection with the earth. It is as serious as shoppers losing sight of their bank balance. For consumers of the earth’s resources there is no check on our profligacy; we are so removed from the consequences of our actions that we live comfortably in denial, ignoring predictions of a likely impending environmental crisis of epic proportions.
If we wont let this be…..Then we all need to work together....With conscious efforts, towards a friendly environment!

Temiyemi Ogunwolu. FICA